Know your meat!


Blue rare(115F - 46.1c°)- seared on the outside, completely red throughout. Meat remains gel-like in texture and difficult to inside.

chew; juices are not yet flowing freely


Rare (120f - 48.8c°)- seared and still red 75% through the centre. Once the heat transfer is completed during the resting period,

this steak will achieve The Perfect Steak - tender & juicy

  Medium rare(126F - 52.2c° )- seared with 50% red centre. Just passed the point of The Perfect Steak.
  Medium (134F - 56.6c°) - seared outside, 25% pink showing, drier and tougher than The Perfect Steak, but still palatable.
  Medium well (150F - 65.5c°) - done throughout with a slight hint of pink. Past the point of no return
  Well done (160F - 71.1c°) -100% brown. Don't do it!!!
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