[    Soup & Salads   ]

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30.Gazpacho, chilled tomato, peppers and cucumber soup    45000
31.Roated Carrot soup, avocado, grilled corn, cumin, cilantro
32.Local Greens Salad, citrus, organic sprouts
33.Smoked Salmon Salad, yogurt dressing and pickled beets
34.Roasted Vegetable Salad, red peppers, eggplant, beets, baby corn, carrots, garbanzo and basil    66000



42. Set-lunch menu, (served with “pimenton” fries and local vegetables)

Petite green salad


Char-grilled Chicken

Grilled Fish of the day

Slow smoked pork ribs

Grilled homemade Sausages


Seafood Paella


Fresh Fettuccini, light saffron sauce, grilled Prawns

Today’s dessert


[    Sandwiches & more   ]

37. Cuban Sandwich, house smoked pork belly, swiss cheese, jamon de York, house pickles, whole grain mustard



 38. Carne Asada Sandwich, red pepper, tomatoes and chimichurri    77000
 39. Grilled Chicken Sandwich, bacon, green leaf, tomato, aioli    77000
 41B. Classic Cheeseburger, add bacon (6000LAK)
 41. Encendido Burger, beef chuck, smoked cheddar stuffed local pepper, aioli        89000
 80. The E&B Burger, beef chuck, house bacon, fried egg, cheddar    95000
 74. “Fish & Chips”, extra light battered grouper filets, salt and sherry vinegar tartar sauce      95000
 105. Garden Sandwich, grilled eggplant, onions, sundried tomotoes, sprouts, homemade cheese
[    From the Grill    ]

36.  Asado Argentino for 2, house sausages, beef brochette, slow smoked pork ribs, marinated chicken,  Pimenton fries, local greens salad

 43. Grilled Salmon, skin –on filet, Pimenton fries, local greens salad  


44. Grilled Chicken, house marinade, Pimenton fries, local greens salad    85000

29. Big Beef Skewer, red and green peppers, mushroom, onions

13. 225 grs. Beef Tenderloin, Franco-Thai Farm, Sakot Nakhon, Charolais                   250000
14. 400 grs. Ribeye Steak, Franco-Thai Farm, Sakot Nakhon, Charolais      315000
15. 225 grs. New-York Steak, Franco-Thai Farm, Sakot Nakhon, Charolais                  240000
16. 225 grs. Hanger Steak “Onglet”, Franco-Thai Farm, Sakot Nakhon, Charolais   139000
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