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Pinchos/Minis (1 Bite)

P00. Olive/boqueron/piquillo         12000

P01. Manchego/chorizo/pickles       15000

P02. Artichocke/anchovy/lemon       16000

P03. Grilled peppers/chistorra         13000

P04. Sobrasada/quail egg/pickle     14000

T1. Manchego custard, Iberico ham and grilled ciabatta

T2. Warm Olives, bellota fat    30000
T3. Marinated Olives, stuffed with anchovies            20000

T4. Pan con Tomate, grilled ciabatta, tomatoes, fresh garlic and sea salt 

T5. Potatoes “Pimenton    25000

T6. Chistorra con Alcachofas, sauteed fast-cured Aragon sausage, caramelized onions and artichockes  

T7. Montadito de Chorizo Criollo, chimichurri  


T8. Gambas al Ajillo, garlic, dried chilis, parsley  


T9. Mushroom al Ajillo, garlic, dried chilis,    35000
T10. Calamares Fritos, flash fried, aioli  


T11. Jamon Iberico, 5j Spanish cured ham 70grs    252000
T12. Montadito of confit eggplant, goat cheese    25000
T13. Montadito Torta Extremena, raisins    45000
T14.Steamed Mejillones,white wine, grilled bread      55000
T15. Huevos Estrellados ‘Pimenton” fries, Serrano, broken eggs, pimenton       25000
House sausages, house pickle
T16. House Chorizo    20000
T17. House Pepper Sausage    20000
T18. House Italian Sausage    25000
T19. House Garlic Sausage    20000

T20. Boquerones en vinagre, marinated fresh anchovies

T21. Anchoas, imported anchovies    85000
T22.Pinchos de Pollo Adobo    55000
T23.Gambas a la Plancha,sea salt, lime    55000
T24.Patatas Bravas, roated potatoes, spicy sauce    35000
T25.Calamares Diablo, Squid ink, piquillos    55000

T26.Piquillo peppers, serrano ham, torta extremena and quail eggs.

T27.Marinated Manchego, EVOO, herbs, tomatoes    55000
T28.Ensaladilla de pimientos, grilled ciabatta    35000
T29.Albondigas caseras    45000
T30.Morcilla, caramelized apples and onions    70000
T31.Duck prosciutto, prunes    45000
T32. Imported Chorizo,chick peas, onions, sherry    55000
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